By rooster59 Started 10 hours ago. By silver sea Started Monday at I have found the AIS pre-data cap 3G speeds to be decent, at least until the last month or so. I purchased an AIS 3g aircard almost a month ago and have just run out of data on the 5gb plan I purchased. And with all max speeds, be it 42Mb or Kb specifications, there are also control protocol bits and bytes that take away from the max data speed you will get on speedtests. Or you can also run a second package simultaneously and get billed twice a month! My first piece of advice would be to stop buying stuff for a while, at least until we figure out what might work for you.

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I am using the 3. By rooster59 Started 9 hours ago. Yes, thanks very much for posting this. And, always buy a volume-based data plan rather than a time-based one.

Subscribe to the newsletter. But you’ll have 10Gb of data allowance Firstly, it’s important to know that 3f global IT community does not all agree on what the definition of 2G and 3G are.


Pregnant woman and husband killed as pick-up crosses central reservation. My question is how can i get a TOT service as they have much better coverage for my soi.

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By Banana7 Started November No more fleecing of tourists on Koh Samui, deputy governor tells media after taxi fare scandal. By patongphilFebruary 7, in Mobile devices.

Second, have you ever used 3G before, or is this your first attempt? Analyze Another Website Check. Register a new account. Subscribe to the daily ThaiVisa newsletter to receive the latest updates about Thailand directly in your inbox. Register a new account.

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By Toosetinmyways Started 26 minutes ago. So now in aifcard out of 3 of thier “Unlimited 3G” packages their post-cap speeds are slower than 2G and truly approaching dial-up! NACC defends its ruling over Prawit watch collection. By webfact Started Yesterday at By rooster59 Started 10 hours ago.

By rooster59 Started 5 hours ago.


Aorcard Tech Postal Code: As I live in a general poor radio signal reception area I have been trying out different methods to obtain a better signal on my USB aircard.


Haven’t seen it anywhere else. If you go over the 5Gb, you can still use the internet for the remainder of the 30 days,but at a reduced speed of kbps. Is there a good circus school in Bangkok? BTW, you do aircatd need to talk to the call center, getting extra qircard you can easily do by USSD codes, as published on their websites, you do however need to make sure enough funds are on the simcard Satit Jaichumni Tech Organization: By SamuiAddict Started Thursday at Pregnant woman and husband killed as pick-up crosses central reservation.

Or you can also run a second package simultaneously and get billed twice a month! Thailand telecoms exploit this ambiguity and tend to apply the terms both liberally and arbitrarily when compared to other regions.

Will battery go flat?