I’m actually using Audition CS6 on Win7. If two or more adapters are installed in the same system, the first thing to check is that the adapters were assigned unique adapter numbers. Also included is a microphone input, with low noise preamp and a 48V phantom supply. Simian automation system questions. Different adapters will have different modes available, and not all adapters have modes. Maybe I’m reading the post wrong. Notice which one I put first.

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By default, only bus based i. If two or more adapters are installed in the same system, the first thing to check is that the adapters were assigned unique adapter numbers.

Simian automation system questions

I’d invest in a pro audio card as there is less opportunity for crap to creep up in your audio from an unbalanced audio source. And shouldn’t be skimped on. If you have very complex programming, they also make a 32 line trigger input device. It is installed by default. Enable all 4 of the aai in the control panel and you should end up with 4 input options to choose from.

AirStation Radio Automation Workstation

The gain interface is the same one used on stereo line ins and line outs. Users of driver version 3. Typically this will be decided by the application used 52111 the AudioScience adapter. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. I am buying a station that runs Simian 1. I obviously don’t understand the subtleties of all the acronym-rich arcana involved in this. And Simian is a very good product – as awi are entering ownership, take it from someone in ownership – every dollar you don’t spend is several dollars you don’t have to bring in.


I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. Please see datasheets on specific adapters, available at www. Simian automation system questions.

I’m not that familiar with SImian, but it may need some other method of accepting triggers. A friend running the same software at his station says I need the ASI card. Added new block diagram. Filter Freq — The center frequency of the filter.

Thanks again for all your help! Filter Q — The sharpness of the filter. MME drivers are essentially legacy ones.

aasi Nothing at all was removed from Audition’s ability to pick up and send correctly formatted ASIO streams – otherwise just about every other user would have screamed from the rooftops, and it would have easily been picked up in beta testing. If you post your general area, I’m sure the folks on here can recommend a local or simi-local person. Simian automation system questions The short answer is yes you need the good sound card, remember that this is where most of adi audio your listeners will hear comes from.


Developer Windows — Phantom power azi controlled using…. ASIO drivers punch a hole clean through the OS and send and recieve pretty much directly from the sound device – so there’s lower latency and none of this resampling crap going on. My computer guy says the soundblaster is fine. The left most position represents adapter index 1. Results 1 to 10 of The serial number is displayed here.

[RDD] Getting Started: Ubuntu 14.04.02 / ASI 5211

The EQ window contains controls for setting the azi parameters of each of the 5 bands, with a graph showing the combined frequency response of the 5 bands. Simian automation system questions I own three stations, use Simian at all three. Below is a list of controls in ASIControl specific to this adapter. Filter Type — The shape of the filter.