All that’s different is the chipset and CPU. They were kind enough to send us their i based board for the same CPU at the same time. Here’s a quick rundown of a few results. Lastly in the layout, dotted around the board Installation was painless. Asus call this EZPlug.

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The memory benchmark is more interesting.

With their own employees making grand claims, it was only fair to test things out on the overclocking front. The manual lays out everything clearly and it’s easy to find information that you need like connector placement. No change p4 CPU voltage was required.

Good English, clear and well laid out. Price is the main reason.

ASUS P4B-M – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket – i Overview – CNET

Price isn’t ehhernet main driver for someone looking for a performance system however. To give the ethernnet a fair chance I chose 1. Like Abit and SoftMenu III, Asus have a technology of their own that allows adjustment of motherboard settings without using dip switch blocks and jumpers, called JumperFree.

Intel would love to achieve a greater market share with the Pentium 4 and the i lets them do that. More on that shortly.

The i will never win any performance benchmarks. Sandra lets us check that the host chipset is letting efhernet CPU perform properly with the 2 CPU benchmarks plus a quick look at the theoretical memory bandwidth of the system.


The P4 is effectively throttled and it will stall while waiting for data from system memory, reducing it’s effective IPC and therefore performance.

ASUS P4B-M – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket 478 – i845

It’s also based on a now shipping game engine in MaxFX. The system proceeded to boot perfectly. With a low cost chip that operates with low cost memory and also provides a couple of extra, useful function effectively for free like AC’97 audio and Ethernet then you can see how a P4 box can be made very cheaply indeed.

This was at 1.

Chipset Features Before we see what Asus have done with the platform, lets take a look at the chipset itself. However if you look at the chipset in the way that Intel did when it designed it, you begin to see the point. Asus also provide software to change the voices spoken on the errors.

I’ll try and look at things from both sides when I conclude the review so both camps will be able to see if the Asus is for them. The powerful Pentium 4 processor at 2Ghz helps to nullify the memory bandwidth deficit and keep the Aquamark score afloat and respectable.

So why starve the P4 of what it craves? All that’s different is the chipset and CPU. Roll on iD and an updated P4B. Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Etherner Aorus aesthetic. What was the best tech product of ? Overclocking Before I started testing the board I received a forwarded email from an Asus employee stressing that they regard the P4B as a good overclocker.


Being a software based solution where the CPU does most of the audio processing in the codec you get some audio playback issues under very heavy system load but that’s to be expected. I noted that the P4T-E didn’t like 16 x for Mhz. Far easier to diagnose than listening to a load of beeps or looking up a POST code in your Epox manual don’t you think?

P4P | ASUS Global

They were kind enough to send us their i based board for the same CPU at the same time. You will never see the P4 really shine on an SDR system simply because it can’t provide the bandwidth that the processor craves. The manual is pb excellent. We’re within 1 second of the expected results so nothing is amiss.

It passed that test easily so I rebooted at 17 x