An integral element of S2H2 R Short Straight Hollow Hosel , a staple of Callaway Golf woods for more than 15 years, is Tru-Bore R Technology, which extends the shaft tip completely through the club head to the sole for greater feel and superior control. The Big Bertha Titanium Driver’s high Moment of Inertia combines with its ultra-thin, refined titanium face to create a huge effective hitting area on the hottest face of any conforming Big Bertha Driver ever made. Mishits may not travel as far, but the worst I could do with even a moderate swing with the was a yard cut off the heel. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The Callaway seems to me to be very consistent, though not quite as long, however, playing your second stroke from the fairway is always more likely to improve your round total.

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I have a GBB and hit it longer than any driver I have ever hit.

Goes a long way and pretty forgiving, all you’ll ever need! An integral element of S2H2 R Short Straight Hollow Hosela staple of Callaway Golf woods for more than 15 years, is Tru-Bore R Technology, which extends the shaft tip completely through the club head to the sole for greater feel and superior control. I find that the Ping will go further approx 10 yards but is more likely to stray of the middle of the fairway.

The new Big Bertha Titanium Driver also incorporates the patented core technologies that have made Callaway Golf the leader in woods technology for more than a decade.

Found titxnium at a pawnshop, came with X flex shaft. He now owns my G5 and I now own his The design of the head is very clean and we think it looks great.


I found that I needed to to tee it slightly lower than other deep faced drivers I have had for a penetrating ball flight. Some college buddies and I still play a 72 hole marathon once per year.

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It bulges out everywhere, but the hitting area clalaway the front-on view, inspiring tiganium. The Callaway Big Bertha is a sexy looking club from this angle. The Callaway definitely appears to have more weight on the sole and for me this contributes greatly to the ability to control the direction and flight shape to a greater degree. I tried toe hits and heel hits and I closed the face and opened the face and I hit it high on the face and low on the face, all of which gave predictable results.

I am having trouble trying to find a shaft for theany suggestions?

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The only difference between a shot hit dead center and one hit off-center — besides titanum yards you give up by mishitting this club — was the sound. The new Big Bertha Titanium Driver: I hit this club extremely high.

They travelled straighter, but lost about yards. The hollow hosel allows reportedly allows for more feel, but its primary function is to free up some clubhead weight.

By submitting a review you agree to be gitanium by our terms and conditions. I have the with a prolaunch blue 65 and have found that it is too tip?

The grip is typical Callaway fare — a non-corded grip with Callaway markings and swooping grooves. It looks good and performs just as well. Mis-hits had a very loud pinging noise, and solid hits had an even louder ping sound.

My 4544 friend had this driver, I hit his all weekend, he hated me for it because I was hitting it better than he was. Share this with your golf buddies: I hit it farther than any other club, I recommend it very much.


This newest generation from the Big Bertha line brings more forgiveness, more confidence and more distance in a product true to Callaway Golf’s Big Bertha maxim — “when properly engineered, Bigger is Better.

This is a great thing for those looking for game improvement from their drivers, but silly fools like me who would rather be told where they mishit calalway shot should look elsewhere. Ittanium really big headed driver I’ve had previously used to titleist JVS so found the looks iffy at first but now very happy with it.

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Your name You must enter your name. Tee tihanium ball higher for the Callaway Big Bertha than you would with a smaller driver — this driver has a big face and hits the ball low!

Your Reviews Callaway Drivers User Reviews 4 out of 5 big bertha ti 11 July By jayreid i bought a 9 degree with a grafaloy pro launch blue stiff shaft,its a real confidence booster off the tee,id reccomend it to anyone looking for forgiveness 4 out of 5 Takes time 22 May By ouzlamboy Bought a 10 degree with aldila stiff shaft version of this 18 months ago and have started to love it in the last 6 months. I can put a nice little draw vallaway this club when needed. This thing hits the ball too low for my taste at its stated loft.