This model sits above it in price and spec. I preferred the linear phase filter setting with the PSB as it enhanced the midrange dynamics a tiny bit. The only source I used for this review was my laptop via USB. How to purchase an open reel tape deck and what to do with it once you have one. It does deliver plenty of detail and agility, but we do miss out on a bit of power.

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Again, the Oppo had a wider, more enveloping soundstage with a bit warmer midrange and increased low end presence, but the DacMagic Plus delivered a more concise soundstage where the strings and brass sounded especially clear and neutral.

The original DacMagic continues for now but will be replaced by a new model in the near future. Watch our video review.

What Hi-Fi?

Cambridge Cambridye ‘s original DacMagic was something of a whirlwind success. Everything Old is New Again. This was the ideal combo for my tastes and I was able to enjoy many hours of listening while at my desk working.

It sounds better and does more, and if you value the extra features then the DacMagic Plus could be ideal. I really appreciated having the indicators for incoming sample rate. Whole-house or Multi-zone Audio. Her voice was clear and firmly planted in the center of the soundstage, never wavering back and forth or up and down.

The DacMagic Plus is a rather light weight and unassuming box, but given its relatively low price, the construction is more than adequate. The sound is detailed and clear but there is an edge to the treble, despite plenty of running-in. The low end response on the Plus was tight and quick, allowing upright bass performances in jazz ensembles to shine.


Is There A Difference? But you have to pay for it, and with impressive competition, the DacMagic Plus is in ‘very good’ but not class-leading territory. It is a digital volume control so there is a bit of delay when turning the knob that can take a bit of getting used to.

The source and digital filter is selected with a push of a button, but in order to change the phase, the filter button must be held down for a couple seconds. Our Verdict Better sound and better features than the original but you can get better sound.

Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus review | What Hi-Fi?

I switched the DacMagic Plus to fixed line-level output mode to do some listening in my home theater. British Cambridgw Theater and Hi-fi: The other hidden function is switching the output mode of the Plus. I found the DacMagic Plus to deliver great detail and crispness to the mallet instruments. My initial assumption was that out of the box this unit would start playing kHz files, but no matter what I played, the incoming sample rate was always set at 96 kHz.

Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus

They are both great performers and in the end it always comes down to personal preference. The Oppo provided a warmer sound with more bass and midrange fullness along with a wider soundstage. There are RCA and balanced XLR outputs, twin digital coaxial and optical inputs, and also digital coaxial and optical outputs.


One should make sure to enable this mode if you will be using it with another volume control. Overall the PSB were a great match with the DacMagic and they provided a full, clean, and dynamic sound.

You can setup the unit flat on a desktop, or to save space, it can be placed vertical using a provided foot. Much to my distress, audlo said finger was placed on top the logo, it did not spin around in circles!! Listening to Conan only furthered these findings.

This model sits above it in price and spec. If you want to go wireless, there is an inevitable drop in quality — but the aptX dongle connected to our smartphones and laptop easily enough, and sounded better than standard Bluetooth connections. I preferred the linear phase filter setting with the PSB as it enhanced the midrange dynamics a tiny bit. Placebo or not, it sounded wonderful! Against Lacks dynamic power hint of brightness to treble frequencies. Once that indicator lit up I knew I had things configured correctly.