Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 12 Aug 13 at Please log in to vote. Posted by WhiskeyCharlie on 27 Apr 14 at This is how I got it anyway. Simply jump in place with the SUV, land on your back, and correct yourself in the same direction as the jump to do a barrel roll. The only thing I would add is to switch sides for your barrel roll.

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Crackdown "Timed Stunt Driver" Achievement – Xbox Association – GameSpot

Pick a direction you want to do a barrel roll in left or right. Try letting off the accelerator briefly at the turn. It took me just a few minutes to acquire this one. This one was really starting to tick me off.

Timed Stunt Driver Achievement in Crackdown

Make sure you get 2 flips. Also you can touch the roof so staying in the middle was important. If you did it right, you’ll get a notice that you did a barrel roll as well as some driving skill points.

There are 50 Crackdown achievements 43 without DLC worth 2, 1, Achievement won on 12 May 09 TA Score for this game: Please log in to vote.


This only requires 4 star driving skill which you should get anyway for the awesome cars and is much more satisfying to complete. This worked for me and I didn’t even worry about the direction of the barrel roll or finishing the flip with the “A” button as PrimeBigTime said above. There are 11 comments relating to this Solution Please log in to comment on this solution.

Stumt log in to vote. Best solution so far. The text guide below is the same as this video guide, so if crackdiwn prefer you can read that.

Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 12 Aug 13 at Just don’t hit the gas crackdow accident. This solution has 79 positive votes and 6 negative votes. Along with what WhiskeyCharlie has said, I found starting slightly off centre and barrel rolling the opposite way really helped avoid hitting the ceiling.

The beach was too frustrating and this solution doesn’t even require you to leave the agency! At least I didn’t. Please post it in the Crackdown Forum. Also, you will find that going too fast will make you hit the exit arch and bounce straight toward the floor, so just take it steady and keep it smooth.


Posted by ReliantGung ho on 07 Jul 17 at Go back halfway down the tunnel and do it again. Posted by Falensarano on 19 Nov 17 at Posted by NoDroidsAllowed on 17 Aug 13 at It’s a little tricky to get the feel for it but after that it’s pretty easy.

The spawn area is an elevator so it counts as being “in the air” when the car is flipped. I tried this before I even read your guide and was going to post it myself when I saw you had it up, so thumbs up for me.

Crackdown "Timed Stunt Driver" Achievement

Worked like a charm. Continue through the tunnel cracdown try to aim for – Mph — Kph at the last corner. There are 50 Crackdown achievements 43 without DLC worth 2, 1, You want to be at Kph at the end of the ramp.