I used to own a Compaq notebook SL nearly 13 years ago. Finding one would have been nice, as I did need to move to the next step in terms of mobility and slightly better performance from the MHz desktop I was using! I placed the order on November 18, and was given an estimated ship date of December 13, The Inspiron B is currently the most inexpensive Dell laptop that can be purchased. Videos in p resolution are also playable, but I did notice some stuttering. Screen is very good and no missing pixels. My order included a free Dell Wireless card that performs very well.

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I was actually shocked when I first used it. I get good reception when I am two stories above my wireless access point. So esentially Dell put together a machine in which the chipset is the weakest link, and since components work together as a team, the system can only be as fast as that weakest cell is willing to work MHz.

Dell Inspiron B120 14.1in. Notebook/Laptop – Customized

The touchpad works well, but unfortunately there is no scroll button. Keyboard view of B view large image. I placed the order on November 18, and was given an estimated ship date deol December 13, I used the Dell Inspiron a while back and was highly disappointed with the flimsiness of the casing, the B is certainly a step up from that.


It is really a minor point.

Dell Inspiron B Laptop for Parts or Repair Pp21l | eBay

Operating System and Software: Dell Inspiron B view large image Specifications of the model reviewed here: I have had the opportunity to repeat the restore a couple of times after that and am happy to report that it worked perfectly each time.

Inspiron B closed view view large image. The buttons are all full size, including full size Backspace, Enter and Shift keys.

Left side del of Inspiron B view large image Wireless: Transfer rates overall were quite decent. I did poke at the screen a bit and found it to be firm.

Dell Inspiron B in. Notebook/Laptop – Customized | eBay

This worked very nicely even though it was more expensive than buying from other sources. The heat has not been a problem either.

I decided to make a clean start when I took over the notebook and got to test out the PC restore software in the process. Construction is moderately sturdy with a reasonably bright screen, good power management options, though it would have been useful to have the option to drop the CPU speed when on battery just as Acer notebooks allow.

The speakers are quite tinny, with audible distortion and do not play very loud.

You need external speakers or headphones via the lineout to get any type of decent audio. The B actually shipped on November 30 and it arrived on December 1, Windows XP Home came preinstalled with my B The proverbial handwriting was on the wall!


Performance As more software got added to the computer, I noticed a noticeable slowing down particularly during booting and screen refreshes and in the page file activity disk activity during boot and slow screen-refreshes as the virtual memory got used actively.

Wireless I got a Dell Internal Wireless Close up of light indicators view larger image. Intel Dell M Processor 1. The screen is a Videos in p resolution are also playable, but I did notice some stuttering.

Dell Inspiron B120 Laptop for Parts or Repair Pp21l

The average boot time is about 24 seconds, from the time I press the power button until the logon screen shows up. There was no OS installation CD included, instead there is a 3 GB hidden partition on the hard drive that holds the restoration files.

It has the 40Gb drive and 1Gb mem.

I did not set out looking for a notebook or acquiring one.