Dell XPS systems come with special service as part of the price premium. Dell homepage Dell notebook section. With these good performance or maximal capacity is possible. In-home service is also standard. Battery life, weight, and size get kicked to the curb in deference to ultra-powerful desktop replacement components.

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The M is already blazing fast so it is doubtful whether the extra increase in CPU power will be noticed while running everyday applications. While gaming the fans are always on, but again, they are delo quiet.

The M is unique in that it has an Ageia PhysX physics processor card. The keyboard contrasts with the case.

Dell XPS M1730 17″ Core Duo 2.2 GHz Gaming Laptop Computer

Especially the illumination of the keyboard is impressive. According to the notebook supplier a good gaming console needs, next to efficient hardware above all an attractive design with additional lighting effects. Truth be told, there’s nothing revolutionary with XPS M So it is recommended to check the position of the notebook to the source of light.

I do not recommend running this machine overclocked due to the noise level. Essentially this means you can support more stuff flying through the air after an explosion think splinters and at a more realistic arc of gravitational de,l.


Two small speaker cones can be seen through the speaker grills; they visibly pulse when playing music at elevated levels.

Tracking is reliable and precise enough for most uses. Dwll to the top of the notebook, there is one display latch in the center of the display and it is solid.

There is zero flex in the palmrest or surrounding xell, although the area beneath the display does not feel as solid as the aforementioned surfaces. The keyboard of the test console is light-grey, clear in contrast to the rather dark case. In a silent room, a quiet movement of air can be heard when the fans turn on.

Right side view of XPS M view large image. But the XPS is not only good-looking, The M comes standard with a 1-year limited warranty and 1 year of XPS warranty support. At the idle operation the fan was mostly deactivated and the notebook ran quiet In respect to the vantage point stability the used WUXGA display shows a sufficiently big stable working areain the horizontal and vertical area.

Dell XPS M 17″ Core Duo GHz Gaming Laptop Computer | eBay

The look of the case is very interesting, it reminds me a lof the Acer Ferrari model line with the weave “rubber tire” look. With lower resolution and details better results could be reached but really beautiful graphics?

The M has a full-size keyboard with separate number pad. We’ve seen systems like this in the past: Dell homepage Dell notebook section.


Provided you are looking for a desktop replacement notebook as opposed to a laptop that you can run on battery power for several hours, the first two drawbacks are easily ignored. Battery life, weight, and size get kicked to the curb in deference to ultra-powerful desktop replacement dfll.

On the top side only slight heating is noticeable. You can of course configure the speakers to have different effects and colors, just like the XPS M supported. The build quality of the M is impressive, as it should be for the price.

Temperatures on the bottom are similar to the top side. There are already possible rivals: The weak point of the panel is the strong reflecting surface.

Dell XPS M Specs – CNET

We’ve got one and we like it very much, so you can bet your bottom dollar there’s a review to follow shortly. The keyboard is for a gaming console ok. Think desktop replacement all-in-one gaming system, and not edll notebook to be taken to class for note taking.