Check and make sure the blue wire from the loom is removed from the pressure switch, splice the blue wire to the signal output pin of the MAP sensor. Aquamist’s high end systems now have all of this figured out but they are somewhat complicated. The MF2 uses incoming RPM and pressure signals from the sensors in the engine bay and compares them with a pre-programmed map set by the user. The controller also has a warning light and an external warning LED which illuminate if there is a problem with the system. This gives the most gains with the least amount of water.

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The following list is for the complete water injection system2s. The second application for this simple system is ideal for track racing cars.

Only occasional checking of the water tank is necessary. Aquamist’s high end systems now have all of this figured out but they are somewhat complicated. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with mappale.

Of cause this problem does not arise with the super charged engines as fuel requirement is more predictable. The latest in line is the Ford Escort Cosworth fully equipped with a water injection system controlled by its engine management system, and used primarily to regulate inlet air temperature.

Banks DynaFact More information.

FOR SALE: MF2 mappable injector driver – Honda-Tech – Honda Forum Discussion

Properties of some common liquids We compared the heat removal capabilities of various common liquids during evaporation. Disconnect hoses and carefully check for an obstruction. Most of the water is fed into the engine where it will effectively increase the volumetric efficiency of the induction stroke.


Fig12 Switch engine and ignition off. Check your gauges before you take them out of the packaging to make sure they are at 0 zero psi for both boost and fuel pressure. Aquamist’s system actually does work. If the previous fixed pressure switch signal is replaced by a signal which will vary proportionally with either the pressure or the actual air intake. There is a loose or corroded battery terminal.

Aquamist Water Injection Cooling 2s IT CAN BE FIT WITH ANY CARS!!1 – مصر موتورز مجتمع السيارات

So when doing track events, we always run octane unleaded or VP even if we are going to be running stock boost as a precaution. Aquamist Injectoor Water Injection as used by most of the WRC rally cars is an especially clever way of adding horsepower and protecting your valuable tuned engine. It is normally fitted to the vacuum side of the inlet manifold 2D mode. Author Write something about yourself.

FOR SALE: MF2 mappable injector driver

When water jet blockage or water pump fault loss of water pressure is detected, an on-board warning LED and external warning device are activated. It had RPM and vacuum sensors built into some sort of box that controlled the injection rate with crude spray nozzles.

This was chosen for its easy access when tuning. Brian Kono of Afterhours Automotive built this bracket that mounts the water tank, high pressure pump and in-line water filter cleanly in the trunk. Configurating the MF2 for water injection Refer back to Mff2.


This is pretty harmful to the turbo in long term use.

ERL MF2 5th injector

Skip to main content. A simple device can be made easily by using readily available materials that give very reliable results. Step2- Water pump and manifold The water pump kf2 manifold water value assembly must be primed before the blue loom is plugged into the MF2.

Heat power is calculated based on the figures shown on the table below. The red power wire should be fused with a 5A spade fuse. This will ensure excess water does not remain in the inlet tract.

Crimp terminals are supplied, make sure that the bare wires are properly secured, check that there are no flared wire ends as these might cause a short circuit. Switch on the ignition do not start the enginethe pump should now deliver water through the jet. The result is more reliable and safe horsepower.

When doing any repair work, especially in the engine compartment, More information.