Marco Trillo , Nathan Whitehorn. Not long after the import of newpcm, the sound code was moved again. Konstantin thinks they made the best Envybased cards out there. Reserved 0x40 bytes for rid 0x10 type 4 at 0x pcm0: This superceded Luigis pcm driver and it was removed from the tree a month later. Notes Documentation on individual drivers, if necessary

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Marco TrilloNathan Whitehorn. In this version it records dummy data, but can be used to record all DSP inputs, for example.

Realtek AC97 Support

Notes Documentation on individual drivers, if necessary Optional multichannel recording 32 channels on Live! The amount of drivers for different hardware chips increased dramatically especially for PCI and USB devices and many improvements were made to the sound infrastructure, much thanks to Cameron Grant and Orion Hodson.

All of this work to support all chips from the VTx family and all possible hardware designs takes a huge amount of work and only covers ac9 analog playback.

Other features like recording, support for all hardware mixers, MIDI and all other features the envy24 chips provide are not implemented. Channel map SB Live! The FreeBSD sound system can spit out quite a lot of debug information if you know how to access it. freebzd


This superceded Luigis pcm driver and it was removed from the tree a month later. For this reason adding support for an Envybased card requires as a fredbsd step to reverse engineer the card hardware design.

Half of them are copied from sound output, another half can be used to record any data from DSP. Compared to extending the existing features, freebds is a huge amount of work.

Sound – FreeBSD Wiki

Since then we’ve seen some dramatic changes in sound support including the volume per-channel adjustments, low-latency audio, multi-channel, locking removal, virtual channels, a high-quality resampler, a sync of the API to be compatible with OSSv4, frefbsd well as several rounds of device driver restructuring.

When the startup menu appear, choose option number 5 to boot with verbose messages turned on.

However, things changed in as more of the foundation for the sound system we have today was laid out. First, reboot your machine. Find out if there are things to port from OSS.

This is a wiki after all. If something is missing or wrong, please fix it. There are two frrebsd ways to report bugs and problems concerning the FreeBSD sound system: Cameron passed away inwhich was a major loss for the FreeBSD community. Luigi Rizzo was maintaining his own set of patches for FreeBSD and in his sound code was imported by John-Mark Gurney as an alternate sound driver.


Either use the web interface for the send-pr utility to send in a bug report. Several new versions of the VoxWare drivers were imported and modified into the FreeBSD base system between and Bugs and similar stuff goes here.

For information regarding the individual bridge device drivers, check their manual pages: The last version to be imported was VoxWare 3. Every Envybased card has an unique hardware design. So, for a period of time we had two sound drivers available in the FreeBSD kernel source tree: In order to search the frfebsd you need to register first.

Realtek AC97 Support

The mixer 8 manual page may also come in handy. This section tries to document these places.

It is not always up-to-date, but most of the information available in the handbook should be correct. Any help by owners of Envy24 based cards is more than welcome.