Chapter II of this issue overview First, the basic situation of this issue Type of shares: The company also set up a safety education system that stipulates that any operator who enters the production line must undergo a comprehensive safety education. By the year , there are totally independent design integrated circuit design enterprises in China with sets of design tools and sets of annual design capacity. The above manufacturers are reputable enterprises in the field of integrated circuit industry in China, which can better meet the Company’s requirements on product processing quality, throughput, processing price and delivery time; secondly, take part in downstream enterprises to form a strategy Partnerships. However, compared with the domestic counterparts, the Company generally has strong competitiveness. In addition, the Company will promptly study the development trend of the integrated circuit industry and the potential demand of users, establish a quick and effective market reaction mechanism and actively respond to market and user needs. In human resources, the company has hired a number of experienced semiconductor chip manufacturing management and technical experts to join the company’s integrated circuit chip production line.

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The market for integrated circuits in our country is already a market with a high degree of internationalization. Articles of Association The issue of wilan company in the domestic RMB ordinary shares A shares market Public offering of 2, shares of RMB common stock behavior Social public shares of this public offering to the community of 26 million people Common stock A shares Yuan yuan China Securities Regulatory Commission China Securities Regulatory Commission A chip or integrated circuit combines multiple electronic devices resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc.

Hangzhou Silan Integrated Circuit Co. In short, the Company, as a private joint-stock integrated circuit design and manufacturing enterprise, specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of large-scale integrated circuits.

Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics CO.,LTD.

silzn Talents are one of the bottlenecks restricting the development of IC enterprises in our country. Investment Management as of 30 Sep In terms of management, the senior management of the Company had experience and management advantages in the manufacture of integrated circuit chips because of their long experience in the manufacturing of integrated circuit chips because of their long experience in manufacturing integrated circuit chips, such as Chen Xiangdong, Fan Weihong, Zheng Shaobo, Jiang Zhongyong, Luo Hua Bing, Song Weiguo and Chen Guohua.


Therefore, at a relatively good macro-economy both at home and abroad, Environment, coupled with the company introduced a new product, adjust the product structure, so the company’s net profit growth of China Southern Asset Management Co. The appraisal scope includes land and buildings.

Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co Ltd, SHH profile –

The Microslectronics Council promulgated the “Encouragement of the Software Industry and the Development of Integrated Circuit Industry, a number of policies” to encourage support for integrated circuit companies give priority to listing at home and abroad through financing.

Hangzhoythe sales volume reached 1. Some seemingly very complex electronic machine products, such as personal computers, DVDs and other ordinary people can smoothly enter microelectgonics family, are the result of substantial cost-effective integrated circuits. VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display vacuum fluorescent display, is currently widely used in video recorders, VCD, high-end audio, electronic scales, commercial cash registers, Microwave ovens, cars and all kinds of instruments watches and so on.

In addition, in order to establish a support system for special materials and special equipment and promote the industrialization of technically mature products, key investments in key areas should be encouraged to ensure the self-sufficiency of our special materials and equipment.

Friends of Wang Electronics has established a complete set of quality management system, from product design, manufacturing, testing and sales of the whole process are strict quality management, and has achieved ISO quality certification. Various types of packaging technology has developed rapidly, has microelectronicz able to support more than pins hagzhou circuit package. The above manufacturers are reputable enterprises in the field of integrated circuit industry in China, which can better meet the Company’s requirements on product processing quality, throughput, processing price and delivery time; secondly, take part in downstream enterprises to form a strategy Partnerships.

Silan Microelectronics RTL8139D Free Driver Download

There is no asset, capital is illegally occupied by shareholders and the interests of the Company are damaged. Peer analysis Key Information. Shenzhen Microelectrnoics Lan Microelectronics Co. However, compared with the same industry in foreign countries, there is still a long way to go. In recent years, the development of IC design and manufacturing industry in our country has been very fast. The design industry is not only the foundation of the manufacturing industry, but also the healthy development of the manufacturing industry.


Due to microoelectronics product variety is more and scattered, itself has quite common, inconvenience to introduce their purpose. Hangzhlu demand for integrated circuit products will maintain a long-term and steady growth trend. This model will allow the Company to focus lah both chip design and chip manufacturing with the most lucrative business in the integrated circuit industry with limited capital constraints, while avoiding full access to the integrated circuit industry All la segments form a “small and complete” situation, which distracts company resources and hinders the company’s development.

Bythe market share in the Asia Pacific region will likely surpass that of the United States and become the largest integrated circuit market in the world. In hanbzhou with the agreement to re-submit the transfer procedures issued by the issuer to pay a separate land transfer fees, Hangzhou Land Authority in the land use right transfer contract approved the transfer of 2, yuan.

In particular, at this stage, the company mainly designs and manufactures a wide range of mid- and low-end consumer integrated circuit electronic products, which are greatly affected by the global IC market demand and the IC industry fluctuation.

Silan Microelectronics

The board of directors is a permanent executive body of the general meeting of shareholders and is responsible for making decisions on major issues of the company and is accountable to the shareholders ‘general meeting. In technology, the company has now mastered Second, the global competition risk IC design and manufacturing industry is a global competitive industry, large foreign companies in the dominance of the industry, and in the domestic market accounted for the majority of market share.

Any contrary statements are false statements.

From the technological gap, China’s chip design technology about a generation difference with foreign countries, the current high level: