The following sections highlight the approvals and certifications that printer is expected to receive. It is a color correction option that allows the user to increase or decrease the amount of toner going to the page individually for the cyan, magenta, yellow and black color planes. In this mode color data is converted into mono data. Labels should be selected using guidelines found in the User’s Reference, Complete Printer Reference, or the Cardstock and Label, and tested for acceptability. Four-line x64 pixel APA gray scale display: The user manually removes color cartridges and photo conductor units, and sets the printer to black-only mode.

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The range of this wireless adapter depends on the environment, whether used indoors or outdoors and building construction. Additional fonts can be downloaded to the printer RAM or optional Flash card or hard disk. HomePrime is the legacy “Ready” state. All first copy times are measured for “Color Quality” simplex printing on letter-sized paper.

It is the customer’s responsibility to order inflprint maintain an adequate inventory of toner cartridges and maintenance supplies. This 2-meter USB cable allows the user to connect one laser printer to one host machine or external print server. The exceptionally easy-to-use, intuitive operator panel offers bold icons, an all-points-addressable display, “show me” graphics and text, and “tell me more” selections. MarkVision Professional is a cross-platform print management solution that enables IT administrators to proactively monitor and manage network devices in an enterprise environment via a web browser.


The feature is an external adapter that connects to the ethernet port on the printer. An intuitive grouping of navigation elements is placed close to the display panel. Once the colog is selected, the printer overlays the percent coverage on every printed page.

The Coverage Estimator windows only is designed to give the user an approximation of percent coverage per color when printing a composite color document.

Reported values may vary from printer to printer. Furthermore, infkprint can discover that many black and white documents can be improved for a nominal increase in cost.

In this mode color data is converted into mono data. Administrative related workflow is accessed via the Menu button. Infoprint Color offers a Color Balance Control.

IBM 39V0304, Toner Cartridge Magenta, Infoprint Color 1534, 1634- Original

The customer is responsible for:. When printing in color, level 5 is equal to level 4. The cable is 10 feet in length and provides a DB pin connector for the host and a pin Centronics connector for the printer. Secure transmission protocols provide another layer of security.

IBM 39V, Toner Cartridge Yellow, Infoprint Color , , Original

This will be available in the following languages: Any information placed outside this specified printable area will not print. It also offers convenient loading of paper and other supplies from the front of the printer.


The Coverage Estimator utilizes an algorithm that counts pixels for each toner color: It comes in network and duplex network models. Duplex capability is only available on the duplex network models. This printer includes international font support. These will be available in the following languages: Only one Ethernet connection is allowed.

IBM Infoprint Color () | Argecy

Printer Certifications by Software Vendors. User and print job related knfoprint is accessed via the Home screen. The Decryption Card enables the printer with a standard Ethernet connection to decrypt and print data that has been encrypted using the AES Rijndael encryption algorithm. By offering custom support for both NetWare Administrator and iManager management utilities, this offering allows administrators to take full control of IBM printers in a Novell printing environment.

The Infoprint Color maximum print speeds are shown in the following table. Standard and optional features on the Infoprint Color enhance device 15344 document security.

The Infoprint Color printer delivers the functions needed to support small businesses and small workgroups.