Only took a while to get things straight. But basically you have two options. It’ll then work like everyone else’s PPPoE, for better or worse. It should ALWAYS be remembered that if you want a boutique, power user type service, you should be prepared to pay a little extra for it. I look forward to hearing from you.

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George is one guy “fighting the system”. Still testing them as I speak. In your email to our billing department you stated, “I’m a Dslextreme user for like 6 months. I’m currently on earthlink dsl right now, their 1. I live in Norwalk too and I’m wondering what kind of speeds you are getting.

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Just look at their ratings here. Only took a while to get things straight. Sukur Member Mar 2: Good luck to you. Once again leaving a surplus in excess of our needs and plenty of overhead room for all our customers.

Hope that made sense, and I live right 1000 eshelman[sp] and lomita blvd if it matters.



The phone companys do not give a hoot. My top download speed is kps The Alcatel ranges from and most of the time at range.

And this certainly doesn’t appear to belong in the “horror story” section. Have some spine and ride out your contract. Review by wcjiang Location: One is to set up the Broadmax to forward the ports that you need. Hopefully they’ll regain their amazing tech support back! They do have a 30 day trial period so if it’s not great in that time I’ll cancel it and go with SBC.

The problem is with the Broadmax modem that they ship you. Just go with SBC. I wouldn’t say the Broadmax is a POS, it’s upload is a bit weaker than the rest, download is about the same. Dslextreme made a believer out of me. Put your broadmax in bridge mode Odd From reading so many reviews, their tech support seems to be amazing finger pointers.

I successfully ftp’ed files to my PC today. You can keep using the Broadmax but you would need to reconfigure it for applications you use that listen for inbound connections such as an ftp server.


If you use dslextreme, as I think you do, tell them to tell Pacbell or your service provider to raise you to 1. I have had perfect service since.

Dslextreme told me they were calling the phone company and followed up saying that I had bad card in SBCs CO and that it had been repaired, which it was.

The upgrade will include a new large capacity connection to the internet backbone that will increase the available bandwidth by three times. Review by Sukur Location: Are you using a router or firewall? This may be what you’re experiencing.

Dslextreme has been my isp for almost a year, when i first notice the decrease hsq speed, I decided to contact dslextreme. It’s not as hard as it sounds!