When this occurs, the display will generallly be “corrected” within a few minutes. This can result in a “storm” of repeated switch messages on LocoNet if track power is off when switch messages are sent. Requires a powered LCC bus. The PR4 seamlessly switches between computer interface and decoder programming modes automatically without having to press any buttons. Note that JMRI generally provides other historical tools which are able to configure the same set of features via tools in the “LocoNet” menu. These primarily allow configuration of LocoNet device functionality, but also include some tools for status monitoring. Specializing in Affordable Electronics for Model Railroads.

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Requires a powered LCC bus. Support for Digitrax hardware products is available through Digitrax, Inc.

Buffered inputs and outputs allow use with all loconef systems with USB support. Please give a complete description of the issue you are having.

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Intentional damage and customer modifications outside the scope of instructions provided with the product are not covered by this warranty. Any changes made to device configuration using the historical tools will not be reflected in a roster entry for the device. We’ll get them fixed up and return them to you as quickly as possible.

If a defect or accidental damage occurs, return the unit directly to Digitrax for service. Dick Bronson’s Home Page Revised: Digitrax command stations seem to buffer the switch requests and forward them to the DCC track signal in a way that does not have a noticeable impact on mobile decoder response to throttle control operations.


Available with signal connections loconnet miniature screw terminals -S or 10 pin headers. Here’s a list of command stations and the OpSw31 setting which will speed-up command station turnout command handling:.

Support: Digitrax LocoNet®

See also the site status page. This is the “LocoNet Simulator”. Up to 16 Input Lines. None of these options can guarantee that all Loclnet switch messages will be passed to the DCC track signal.

USB to LocoNet Interface with Decoder Programmer

Follow Us On Twitter! This can be problematic, depending on how the device which sent the switch command responds to the rejection message on LocoNet. If you wish loconeet keep the roster updated with any changes made via historical tools or using other tools or processes, it will be necessary to manually update the roster entry.

A simple, straightforward warranty with no tricky language!

When the command station gives this response, the switch command is not placed into the buffer and is forgotten. Just fill out the form and return your items directly to Digitrax for repair. Loconft LocoNet devices do not notice the rejection message, so do not attempt to re-send the switch command.

The Uhlenbrock Intellibox command stations can also be controlled directly through it’s serial port or USB connection; there’s a separate locobet on how to do this. Some more recent Digitrax command stations will refuse to accept switch commands when track power is turned off. Most of our products are not user serviceable. For more information on how to loconeh those addresses, see this page. The LocoBuffer II and original LocoBuffer are no longer commercially available; their primary advantage now is that they use a traditional serial port, which may be the only suitable connection type available on some older computers.


Power is supplied over the LCC Bus.

PR4 – USB to LocoNet Interface with Decoder Programmer – Released!

Many problems are easily resolved by contacting Digitrax Tech Support without having to send in your unit. Includes drive for any combination of: Become Our Fan On Facebook!

The command station may not immediately accept OpSw setting changes, so it may be necessary to “power-cycle” the command station, or to “put the loxonet station to sleep” via the command station front-panel switch.

Shrink may be peeled back to expose pads for adding function wires. To connect your computer usg the LocoNet, and hence to the command station, you need one of the following adapters:. Your best investment — Keep your system up and running through ground loops, spikes, and surges.