Used for multiple network device mode. Now the spi interface works but not the switch. Current pointer to MIB counter index. I have download a new version of the kernel version 3. Mounted root ext3 filesystem on device

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Configuring KSZ8795

However, the info you have just given me looks to be very useful. Mike Thanks for that.

Number of times to run timer; -1 for infinity. Wake-on-LAN enable set by ethtool. Please upgrade to a Xilinx. Physical DMA address allocated.

CONFIG_MICREL_KS8995MA: Micrel KS8995MA 5-ports 10/100 managed Ethernet switch

Number of milliseconds to delay. I haven’t looked at the KSZ PHY drivers in the later versions of the kernel, my guess is swotch they may be able to do this for you but you likely need to write up a board file that configures the driver with the appropriate SPI information so it knows how to access the part. Replacing it by a regular crystal based oscillator fixed the issue. When the chip boots up it flashes each of the leds twice.


We have a kernel image built using Petalinux The all multicast state of the device. The priority to set. There is a very high probability of the link going down again.

Has anyone with this issue found a fix? Fri, 15 Jan Pointer to KSZ switch. The IPv4 address assigned to the device. The bad news is that 3. This is the same pin are GP0 15 your chip select line.

I don’t know if this is normal but it seems consistant. You also need to update the Makefile and the KConfig file in the same directory to build that file into your kernel.

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I have missed a few bits out but I suppose that is why we do dev boards. Buffer to store the VID. Buffer length for receiving fragments.

I will have to do a good deal of work to understand fully how this all hangs togther. The KSZX can receive huge frames with size up to bytes.


linux-kernel – Re: [PATCH] net: Micrel KSZRMN 4-port managed switch support

Mike I am the customer who submitted this post. I have used ths before with no problem, but now I get a linux error status as per the attached file. Current Spanning Tree Protocol state. Any ideas what the cause of this errors is.

You should be doing commands something like and forgive typos please: We are developing an electrical protection unit normally called a relay and are planning to use ethernet to comunicate with adjacent and other remote units, hence the switch.

I have attached 3 files zipped which are micerl schematic, the information about what I have tried and the current state of the debug port output on our dev board.